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Alessandro Damiano

Chairman GADA
Chairman of GADA and part of the Principia investment team, he has nearly twenty years of experience in extraordinary finance operations, both in UBI Banca and in a financial boutique specializing in extraordinary finance transactions. He is a member of the board of directors of companies operating both in the Healthcare sector and in other business sectors.

Davide Ciattoni

Executive Vice President GADA
Mr. Ciattoni is Executive Vice President and a Director of the GADA Group. Mr. Ciattoni has over 30 years’ experience with global medical technology leaders. He started distribution activities in 1981 with Terumo Company on a regional level. He founded Cormed Srl, co-founded Biocor Srl, EPS SpA, Nihon Medical Italia SpA and Nefroline SpA. Over the span of his career, he has spearheaded successful introductions of multiple innovative technologies that have shaped the Italian healthcare market. Mr. Ciattoni is one of the GADA Group founders.

Antonio Biagio De Marinis

Mr. De Marinis joined the GADA Group in November 2004 as financial consultant. Mr. De Marinis is the CEO of the GADA Group and Director in a number of the Group companies. Before joining GADA, he gained more than 12 years’ experience in accounting, tax and control, and advised two of the founding companies of the Group since 1995. He holds a university degree in Business Studies and is a qualified accountant and auditor.

Alessia Rigoni

Director GADA
Member of the board of directors of Gada, she worked first in PWC and then in Principia investment team. She graduated in Finance at the Luigi Bocconi University.

Antonio Falcone

Director GADA
Member of the board of directors of Gada he is Chief Executive Officer of Principia. Previously he was in charge of the institutional clientele of Kairos and CFO of Inarcassa.

Alessandro Pellegrinelli

Vice President EPS
Alessandro Pellegrinelli is the Vice President of EPS SpA. He began his career in 1982 at the Biolabor of Ancona, regional distributor of technologies for laboratory and clinical analysis, where he held management positions in the sales office. He co-founded Biocor Srl, EPS SpA, Nihon Medical Italia SpA and Nefroline SpA. He is one of the founders of the GADA group. He has a degree in Economics and Commerce from Ancona.
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