Chemo-embolization: Terumo LifePearl® approved as a Class III device

A new goal in patient safety and health has been achieved by GADA’s historical partner Terumo. Recently the Japenese company has announced the approval of LifePearl® Microspheres as a Class III device in Europe. Used in the treatment of primary and secondary liver cancer, LifePearl® comprises a range of microspheres that are capable of loading and releasing chemotherapeutic agents in a controlled manner.

The approvaval achieved will afford to load additional chemotherapeutic agents as idarubicin and epirubicin, in addition to doxorubicin and irinotecan, by providing more treatment options for interventional radiologists performing TACE (DEM-TACE) procedures. Very important is the option of idarubicin which is able to penetrate cell membranes efficiently, as documented by the recent study “Screening of Anti-Cancer Drugs for chemo-embolization of hepatocellular carcinoma” (Boulin M, et al., Anticancer Drugs 2011, 22:741-8).