ECMOECLS: Gada in partnership with St. Jude Medical and Chalice Medical

Gada Italia has always considered innovation the way to help patients and the healthcare personnel to face the continuous challenges in clinical context, by proposing advanced technologies able to get a significant therapeutic improvement.  It is placed on this path the new partnership between Gada Italia and two leading  companies in cardiorespiratory assistance:

St. Jude Medical and Chalice Medical

Thanks to the solutions offered by the new partners, Gada Italia will be able to provide an important technology approach for ECMO/ECLS. The synergic use of the Thoratec – Centrimag®/Pedivas magnetically levitated centrifugal pump, made by St. Jude Medical, and of the Paragon PMP long-term oxygenator, by Chalice Medical, will allow to satisfy the highest quality standards for assistance.

Point of excellence of these products are the days of cardiorespiratory assistance, certified as among the best for performances:

  • Thoratec – Centrimag®/Pedivas® certificated for use up to 30 days
  • Chalice – Paragon PMP certificated for use up to 15 days

As supplier with long experience in commercialization of products and services in oxygenation in cardiac surgery, Gada Italia is proud to complete its supply with these technologies about which it is available for information and demonstrations.