Gada and Principia SGR announce a new partnership

Gada announces the entry of Principia, through the Principia III-Health fund, into the share capital.

In a context of growing competitiveness, this transaction reflects the value of our Group which, has steadily gained significant positions over the years in the distribution of medical devices and innovative services for Italian public and private hospitals“, commented Davide Ciattoni, CEO of Gada and said that “By recognizing the development opportunities of our Group the Principia fund will strength the corporate and organizational asset, an d will renovate and support the definition of a medium-term strategic project in continuity with our corporate culture. All this will enable us to face future challenges by proposing innovation and solutions capable of intercepting the needs of healthcare operators, by strengthening Gada’s role as a leading company in our market.”

Paolo Siviero, Head of Investments Principia III-Health, affirms that “our investment in Gada is particularly relevant because for the first time we steer our activities, not only to companies or start-ups of the pharmaceutical and of medical devices world but to a company which is a leader in distribution and integrated services”. Siviero concludes by saying that “Gada is today one of the main operators in the sector and our investment is aimed not only at consolidating its leadership position but also at contributing to provide a range of highly specialized services for the full integration of the care system and hospitals in the most advanced diagnostic/therapeutic pathways, as a key factor in the process of modernization of the health sector in our country“.


Principia III-Health, managed by Principia SGR, is the first Italian investment fund entirely dedicated to the Healthcare sector. The objective is to contribute to the development of a sector of excellence, characterized by high skills, internationally appreciated, but which traditionally in Italy has suffered from the scarcity of financial support. The Fund acquires both majority and qualified minority holdings in companies both in the start-up / early stage and in small and medium-sized companies (“SMEs”).


GADA is a national leader in the distribution of innovative medical technologies on behalf of world-leading manufacturers and offers a wide range of tailor-made integrated services. The areas served are those related to cardiovascular diseases, blood collection and management, the pre-analytical laboratory phase, dialysis, intensive care and critical areas.