GADA Italia and Inari Medical: exclusive distribution in treatment of pulmonary embolism and peripheral circulation

GADA Italia signed a 4-years distribution contract for Italy with the American company Inari Medical related to the solutions “ClotTriever” and “FlowTriever”.

ClotTriever is a system for the non-surgical removal of thrombi from blood vessels and is intended for use in the peripheral vascular system. It allows the mechanical removal of a thrombus from the venous wall and the large load of clots from the large vessels, preserving and revascularizing the limb.

Different application instead for “FlowTriever”, an over-the-wire system for the treatment of pulmonary embolism. FlowTriever is designed for the removal of the clot from the pulmonary arteries through both large diameter suction and mechanical retraction.

Although with different areas of application, both solutions have the advantage of reducing, even eliminating, the use of thrombolytics 1,2,3:oltre ad una riduzione drastica dei tempi di ricovero e dei giorni in terapia intensiva3,1. Grande benefici per i pazienti e per la gestione dei costi di trattamento.

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