Healthcare: GADA Group acquires Evoluzione Srl

Rome, 4th November 2021. GADA Group, leading Company in medical devices distribution and integrated health services, acquires Evoluzione SRL, a Company operating in supplying medical devices market.

Antonio De Marinis CEO of GADA Groupsaid: “This acquisition reinforces GADA group willing and confirms itself as the Italian leader for highly technological and effective medical solutions offers.
This operation will allow us to enrich and enhance our therapeutic solutions portfolio and will enable us to serve a greater range of clinical needs. Evoluzione SRL becomes part of GADA, along with the actual companies as Gada Italia, EPS, Gadamed and Silhos.
This takeover embodies one of the steps of GADA growth process: a pathway led by the willingness to gain innovation and talent.”

The Management of Evoluzione SRL commented: “We are pleased to become part of GADA, which is a landmark for healthcare field in our country. Thanks to GADA business model and infrastructure, This Acquisition, represents the opportunity to develop furtherly our growth. Furthermore we are glad to notice that GADA has decided to uphold the existing identity of Evoluzione SRL that will keep maintaining its own brand and its network on the national territory.

In this operation, for the financial aspects, GADA group has been supported by DC Advisory (with a team led by Managing Director Giuliano Guarino) and by the law firm Gianni & Origoni (with a team led by Partner Ilaria Maria Placco), regarding legal aspects. Evoluzione srl has been assisted by CL Partners (with a team led by Partner Roberto Pisa) for financial aspects, and by the law firm Cappelli RCCD (by a team led by Partner Valentina Dragoni) for legal aspects.


Evoluzione SRL distributes medical devices to public and private hospitals in Italy, on an exclusive basis. The company, whose headquarter is in Rome, has a well-established experience in the international medtech partners distribution.


For over 40 years, GADA Group has been providing therapeutic solutions for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, blood collection and management, pre-analytics laboratory phase, dialysis, intensive care and critical areas. With more than 160 employees, GADA Group boasts a well-established experience in providing specialized services dedicated to hospitals, such as Services (material management) and outsourcing of clinical staff, as well as integrated systems for tracking and safety in healthcare sector.