Gada Spa Services

Growth is the end result of the entire learning process

As the holding company of the group, the role of Gada Spa is to plan and manage the activities of the commercial and service companies under it.

It defines the commercial and financial strategies, while at the same time providing a variety of support services which are essential for their proper functioning.

Financial and administrative services

The financial-administrative department deals with the management and strategic planning of the financial flow and administrative activities of the various entities, in full compliance with current legislation. Among the services offered:

  • Business and financial planning
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Management Control
  • Business processes optimization
  • Financial reports management
  • Treasury activities

Corporate Compliance

The role of corporate compliance is the management, care and consolidation of the correct adoption of procedures and compliance with regulations.

In addition to the assessment of the main sources of non-compliance risk to which the company is subject and the identification of standards, rules and principles regarding the company, this department is responsible for:

  • defining the reference policies and procedures for carrying out company operations
  • encouraging the development of the skills necessary for the application of the rules and processes defined
  • developing a periodic compliance verification plan
  • monitoring compliance activities and issuing periodic reporting

Human resources

The human resources department assumes a role of particular strategic importance for the company as people are at the center of all our activities and are the essence of Gada’s success.

The reference areas:

  • Selection
  • Personnel management and administration
  • Training
  • Organization and development
  • Performance management
  • Career paths
  • Welfare

Supply chain

The supply chain management department deals with the coordination of flows and procurement and fulfillment activities, through interaction with suppliers and customers, improving their performance and efficiency. Among the activities carried out:

Tra le attività svolte:

  • strategic coordination of the distribution chain
  • systematic cataloging of products
  • inventory flow analysis
  • in/out flow audit and inventory flows
  • customer satisfaction survey

Legal affairs and tenders office

The main function of the legal departmentof Gada Spa is to protect the legal interests of its companies.

Among other tasks, it undertakes:

  • To identify, assess and manage risks and opportunities of a legal nature that the company may encounter
  • To contribute, with the other corporate functions, to the creation of corporate decision-making and management processes

The Legal Affairs and Tenders department is responsible for tender procedures in all their phases:

  • Preliminary and preparatory stages
  • Preparation phase of the entire documentation
  • Phase of participation in the tender
  • Contract execution phase

Continually up to date on the state of the market and on specific legislation in compliance with the Public Procurement and Contracts Code, it supports the various Gada companies.

The Group companies


Burke & Burke S.p.A. is a company specialized in the supply of highly technological equipment and solutions for critical area (adult and neonatal intensive care units), pulmonology, respiratory pathophysiology and anesthesia.


EPS Healthcare lends its experience to the service of clinics, hospitals and universities by offering them integrated and flexible solutions for optimized and efficient healthcare management.


Evoluzione SRL distributes medical devices to public and private hospitals in Italy, on an exclusive basis. The company has a well-established experience in the international medtech partners distribution.


GADA ITALY is the reference point for public and private hospitals, clinics, university centers and large purchasing groups in the distribution of innovative medical technologies for the cardiovascular sector, dialysis, infusion therapy, laboratory pre-analytics, intensive care, drug and fluid administration, and healthcare traceability.


INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A. is a company specialized for more than 20 years in the distribution of solutions for minimally invasive surgery, digestive endoscopy, enteral nutrition, urogynecology and endourology.


Medical Concept Lab offers tailor-made solutions for hospital structures regarding: procurement & warehouse management, management and outsourcing of technical and clinical support, design, construction and maintenance of departments and operating theaters and remodeling process (training, performance optimization, service development ).