The multidisciplinary nature of the perfusionist: versatility at the service of the patient

In Rome an FAD event to tell the value of this healthcare profession

The webinar “Multisciplinary development of the professionalism of the cardiocirculatory pathophysiology and cardiovascular perfusion technician” was held 19 June 2021 at the Palazzo dell’Informazione in Rome, headquarters of Adnkronos. FAD event organized by Noema Congressi with the non-conditioning support of EPS Spa, a company of GADA Group.

With more than 600 adhesions, the event told, through two scientific sessions, the increasingly multi-specialized dimension of the perfusionist, a figure in continuous evolution, fundamental not only within the cardiac surgery team. The aim of the initiative, in fact, was to highlight the polyvalent dimension of the health profession oriented to play an important role in supporting the transcatheter treatment of valvulopathies, in cardiac senographer and electrophysiology.

Before the 60s – says Dr. Giovanni Troise, Director of the Cardiac Surgery Unit of Fondazione Poliambulanza Brescia and scientific manager of the event – when there was no extracorporeal circulation and there was no perfusionist, it was impossible to operate on the heart, above all it was impossible to operate inside the cavities caused and valve structures. It therefore becomes simplehow fundamental the figure of the perfusionist is for cardiac surgery. But what we wanted to communicate with this webinar is that this profession transcends the purely cardiac surgery field, directing this professionalism towards a multidisciplinary dimension. The perfusionists, in fact, often wrote in lung, heart-lung, liver transplant surgery. They also offer their skills in ultrasound cardiac activity, in electrophysiology. A set of skills that generate value both forthe hospitals in which they operate and for the patient”.

The webinar benefits from the patronage of TSRM-PSTRP (Professional Order), SICCH – Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery, AIAC – Italian Association of Arrhythmology and Cardiostimulation, SIECVI – Italian Society of Echocardiography and CardioVascular Imaging. To enhance its scientific dimension, the ECM accreditation (4.5 credits) reserved not only for perfusionists, but also for cardiac surgeons and cardiologists. It is possible to access on demand the asynchronous FAD, available on the dedicated ECM platform for the duration of 3 months.

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