GADA for you
Welfare e Well-being

The people at the center of our World

For over 40 years Gada has been actively committed to encouraging the personal and professional fulfillment of every employee, ensuring the correct balance between professional and private life.

From this belief the corporate welfare program “GADA for you” was born, with specific well-being initiatives with which Gada reconfirms its attention and support for each employee.

“Gada for you” is a set of innovative tools intended to fuel energy, passion and motivation at work, in order to create a stimulating and collaborative business climate.

"GADA for you” GADA 4 you

The services and benefits of the Gada welfare plan support our employees in four main areas:

  • Family, where employees can apply for reimbursement of education and assistance expenses incurred for family members
  • Mortgages, to request the repayment of a portion of the interest expense of the loan for restructuring or purchase
  • Culture and leisure, where you can choose from services dedicated to sports, recreation, training and wellness
  • Shopping, discounts and special deals for travel, summer camps, services, banks and insurance, and shopping.