World Forestry Day: GADA Announces planting of 400 trees in collaboration with Treedom to support the environment and local communities

Rome, March 21, 2024. On the occasion of World Forestry Day, GADA, a company of the Palex Group, is proud to announce a new and significant partnership with Treedom, a leading platform in online tree planting.

This collaboration will see the creation of the “GADA-Palex Forest“, with the planting of 400 trees, reinforcing the Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability and supporting communities in developing countries.

Through this initiative, it will be possible to contribute not only to the reduction of CO2 emissions but also to have a positive social impact. The planted trees will primarily be fruit trees and will be entrusted to local farmers, providing them with a sustainable income and tools for economic development. This project falls within GADA and Palex’s commitment to operating in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner, as well as promoting the well-being of communities globally.

The collaboration with Treedom, an organization that has already planted over four million trees worldwide, will allow the Group to extend its impact well beyond local borders. Each tree in the GADA-Palex Forest will be geo-located and photographed, and stakeholders will be able to follow the project of which the tree is part.

GADA and Palex express their enthusiasm for this partnership and commit to continuing to explore and support initiatives that reflect the commitment to a more sustainable and fair future for all.